Personal Insurance

Horizon Financial Planners: our role is to understand the financial compensation
you and your family would like to receive, should you be
unfortunate enough to suffer an insurable event.

Our Services
✔ Review current personal protection insurance

✔ Recommend personal insurances based on your personal wishes

✔ Apply for your specific cover

✔ Claims Management

Our philosophy is: Never have more cover than is required for your specific circumstances and always have it price competitive.

Types of Cover we can assist with:

Income Protection Insurance
Life Insurance
Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover
Trauma Insurance
Business Expenses Insurance
Business Succession (Buy/Sell) Insurance
Key Person Insurance

Summary of Covers
Cover Cover
Possible to be
paid from your
Type of cover
75% of your

(Up to
pa, then on
a sliding
Partial payment
Monthly benefit paid after a wait period if you
are unable to work due to any sickness or
accident whether work related or not. It is
payable until you go back to work (Or a partial
benefit if you go back part time) or until expiry
age e.g 65yrs if you never go back to work.

Payments are tax deductible.

Agreed value - Financial information is provided
to the insurer at the application stage and is
agreed to be paid at claim time.

Indemnity - The insurer requires financial
information to be provided at claim time to
calculate the amount to be paid. The risk is that
the amount paid can be less than initially applied
for for due to fluctuations of your income.
Life Your choice Yes Lump sum paid on death.
Total & Permanent
Disability (TPD)
Your choice Yes or at least
partial payment
Lump sum paid if you are totally and permanently
unable to work either

Own Occupation - Unable to work in your
specific occupation.

Any Occupation - Unable to work in any
occupation that you are reasonably trained.
Trauma Your choice No Lump sum paid on diagnosis of one of about 40
scheduled events such as heart attack, cancer &

What happens if I need to make a claim?

This is the most important aspect of what we do

We understand how stressful it can be at claim time and our role is to minimise the stress to you or your loved ones by managing the claim on your behalf.

The claims process

We work with you to

1. Complete all the appropriate paperwork
2. We lodge the claim with the insurer
3. We liaise with the unsurer to assist them to maximise the compenstation paid
to you based on your specific cover in the quickest possible time

With our full-service approach combining acconting, taxation, investments and insurance
we can ensure your financial well-being during those difficult times.

What is underwriting?

Underwriting is process the insurer goes through after you lodge an application to determine if they will cover you
If so, are there any special terms and how much they will charge for the cover
Every insurer has its own set of underwriting guidelines.

Some factors the insurer takes into account
⮚ Age & Sex
⮚ Height & Weight
⮚ Smoker or non-smoker
⮚ Occupation
⮚ Occupational Conditions
⮚ Immediate Family Medical history
⮚ Your Medical history
⮚ Adventurous sports

Underwriting involves working out a premium that is low enough to attract a good number of buyers, and high enough so that there will be enough money
in the pooled funds to pay all the claims that might be made, plus make a profit for the insurer’s shareholders.

Which Insurer is best for me?

There are 12 insurers in the Australian Personal Insurance Market.

The right one for you is the one that:

✔ Offers you the best cover for your needs & circumstances
considering things like your age, occupation & medical conditions.

✔ Cost effective for your circumstances.

✔ Most importantly: pays claims with minimum fuss & in reasonable timeframes.

We deal with all insurers and recommend an insurer that is specific to your needs.

Contact us for a free no obligation chat about how
we may be able to help YOU.



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